UnitingCare Wodonga

Together with St. Stephen’s Uniting Church and Emmanuel Anglican & Uniting Church in West Wodonga, UnitingCare Wodonga is a welfare agency of the Uniting Church in Australia.  It aims to provide high quality services to individuals and families in Wodonga and the Upper Murray region, without discrimination. 

UnitingCare Wodonga plays a vital role in helping people through crisis times in their lives. These include young single parent families with babies & small children; people suffering social isolation through mental illness; homelessness and/or substance abuse; and people seeking assistance following domestic violence.

Pancake Day continues in March

 You can still enjoy your pancakes in March and support UnitingCare Wodonga by visiting the following café' s in Wodonga

La Maison Café, Gateway Island is donating 100% of all proceeds of pancakes in March 2014 (breakfast menu only)

·Café Grove are donating $3 per pancakes sold in March to UnitingCare Wodonga (breakfast menu)

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